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Business Challenge

To support, guide and educate clinicians, researchers and SME’s through the healthcare innovation process.


Customer Insight

Many innovations get stuck at the research stage due to a lack of awareness of the development process and commercial planning.

Experience Vision

To provide self evaluation tools throughout the innovation progress with actionable guidance and support material that makes it simpler for users to strategically progress their innovation.



Picking up the trail, we used the research work done by the ICHP to inform the first prototype. Very quickly we were able to demonstrate how the idea could work as a web tool and begin honing in on areas of the proposition that would provide users with the most value.

We put the idea into context, on devices, as a mocked up application to give us much more realistic feedback from end users. This feedback signalled a clear sense of unmet needs and aspirations people had while developing innovations.

We used these insights to orientate future iterations of the application until the product resonated strongly with the target audience.


Platforms and process

Following our research and prototyping phase we designed and built the tool to adapt seamlessly across mobile through to larger desktop contexts. All of this was powered by a Content Management System (CMS) that gave the client editorial and content control that would fit easily with their existing workflow.

Visual identity

The brand feel was to steer away from over­used clinical metaphors and palettes, pushing into a progressive scale of vibrant colours that suggested an ongoing journey. We paired this bold graphic style with simple rounded typefaces that adapted well across devices.

The result is an approachable brand and interface that stands out from the crowd and handles large amounts of information while still being easy to use.

Scaling systematically

It’s important for us and our clients that we are able to monitor how users are interacting with a released website and application so we can make informed decisions about how to improve performance. For ICHP we used analytics, behavioural tracking and email automations to build a high fidelity picture of how people were using the tool.


The innovation tool has given ICHP a powerful way to reach and grow their audience by building their expertise directly into the process. Our service took them from an idea to a beautifully designed, tested and fully realised web tool.