Business Challenge

To change the way executive hiring happens using digital tools and trusted peer networks.


Customer Insight

The hiring model isn’t delivering value to the executive market due to high percentage fees, lack of quality thresholds and slow response times. Executives need a trusted network of experts on-hand with the ability to move quickly.


Experience Vision

The ultimate little­-black-­book for executives. Selective, highly regarded peers, accessible via a private network.

REZ have been fantastic from the get-go. Sharp, responsive and supremely talented. 

- Aryn Hurst-Clark, Founder


We ran a business model workshop that enabled the project team to share and plan how to follow through on the Advisory team’s idea.

As a new business with an unproven model, we used this workshop to narrow in on the heartbeat of the proposition, clarifying what areas of the service would need to be de­risked first.

ux-mapping1 copyux-mapping1 copy

Platforms and process

To check our initial ideas we put together a wireframe demo which enabled us to gather feedback on the service proposition and how customers felt the app experience flowed.

By creating a simple user experience (ux) click­through of key service moments we were able to not only test the usability of the product with a pool of early adopters but also give the client a powerful tool to engage with potential customers as part of their ongoing business development efforts

Wireframing the app gave us a quick, tangible way to start testing key flows and ideas.

Visual identity system

To support positioning the brand, we created a visual identity system comprising a logo, business cards, typefaces and colour palette. We tested a couple of options with professionals in our clients market and used this sentiment and preferential insight to refine the final output. We worked with a video production company to maintain the brand aesthetic across candidate profiles.

Detailed interface design

Using actual customer feedback is one of the best ways to fuel the design process. We figured out the most valuable bits of feedback from the ux demo and brand development to inform the design of key interfaces across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.